I cannot remember a time when skiing was not a part of my life. I clicked into skis for the first time at age three. I hated it. I cried, whaled, and protested my way through that first lesson at Vail Mountain. I boycotted skiing for a year. Fast forward to age four, when my parents opted out of lessons and into a proverbial nightmare: teaching me themselves. With the help of my Uncle Karl, they positioned themselves at zig-zags across the mountain – and me, bundled up so that I was almost as wide as I was tall, slid down the slope, arms flailing, from mom to dad – dad to uncle – uncle to mom. And I became a skier. Other than a brief experiment with snowboarding, I haven't looked back since. I've skied in Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Washington, and British Columbia. With every turn, my list of objectives only grows.

Ski Objectives

In no particular order, a list of local, national, and international routes, trips, and objectives:

  • Ski Bridger Bowl (Again. And again. And again.)
  • Bell Lake Yurt, Montana
  • Grand Targhee
  • Teton Pass backcountry
  • Anthony Lakes
  • Take the train to Whitefish
  • Rent a Montana ski hill for the day with some of my best friends
  • Japan
  • Explore the Powder Highway
  • Ski and climb the Cascade Range (Middle Sister: check, Mt. Bachelor: check)
  • Chile + Argentina (summer 2017)
  • Durango – Silverton Train / Chicago Basin backcountry
  • Teton Bar Crawl
  • Icefall Lodge
  • Deer Park to Hurricane Ridge Traverse
  • Northern British Columbia
The white room is not an easy place to find, and for those who don't chase snow, it might sound like a static destination...