Holiday season is officially upon us! These are the days of chilly weather, falling leaves, and early sunsets. Of family and friends and champagne flutes and social hours and gift giving. There's a lot going on and it's important to establish some semblance of healthy routine (for sanity's sake). Which is why, this holiday season, I've teamed up with some of the most inspiration, kind-hearted, beautiful women I know to bring you 21 days of happy, healthy, focused FUN. We want you to go into those holiday gatherings feeling strong and shining bright. These ladies, and myself, wholeheartedly believe that when we fill our own cups (or mugs as it were – it is chilly after all!), we can pour LOVE back into the world. And oh boy, does the world need an extra dose of love this season.

I know you don't have time to spend hours in the gym or preparing elaborate meals, so I'll provide you the tools to make it easy. Simplicity is key this season, so I'd like to offer you a workout program you can do at home in 30 minutes or less each day, an easy-to-follow meal plan to take the headache away, a nutrient dense meal replacement shake to boost your immune system and curb cravings, and a collective group of awe-inspiring women to cheer you on. But wait, there's more. We're also going to give back. For every inch lost, we'll donate $1 to a cause that sets our souls on fire. So lady, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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