September Intentions

My intentions for August were: workout before 9 a.m., eat greens with every meal, and to inspire and be inspired. Technically, I failed at the first two. I didn't workout before 9 a.m. every day, and I didn't eat greens with every meal. But I did make strides forward, and for me, that's what this journey is all about. Forward motion. My workouts were more consistent. I was more conscious of incorporating greens into every meal. I tried new recipes and found two favorites: turkey tacos a la experimentation and pesto potato salad compliments of Run Fast, Eat Slow. Upon reflection, I realize that the intentions I set acted as building blocks that spilled over into other areas of my life, making August feel like one of the healthier months I've had in a long time.

Per my third intention, I made a lot of strides in the inspiration realm. Last week, I was invited to join the ambassador team for Greatist, a platform I've been following for some time (I accepted). I also made steps towards becoming a ski patroller, a dream that I've had for almost a decade. Today, I spoke with a woman about what it will take to bring an Outdoor Women's Alliance grassroots team to the PNW. I also received grants to pay for the upcoming academic year (cue sigh of relief). Collectively, these things reminded me of this quote from The Alchemist: "When you’re on your path and when you want something, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it." So in continuing on that path, I give you my September Intentions. This month, I'm all about values, and the steps I can take to cultivate them.

Values: Awe. Simplicity. Zeal. Warmth. Adventure.

– Explore outdoors. 
Take advantage of the time I have before class starts (September 20), so that when it does, I'll have a solid platform on which to work hard and play hard. In practice, this means hiking or running two new trails each week. Doing so will act as training for my upcoming 25K trail race, enable me to explore more of the beauty of my surroundings, push my comfort zone in solo adventuring, and allow me to cultivate awe, zeal, and adventure.

– Establish routine. Less exciting, but equally important. Come September 20, life will get hectic and probably stressful. Anatomy and physiology exams don't "ace" themselves, after all. In practice, this means getting up (read: OUT OF BED) by 6 a.m. every day, taking one hour to read, write, and reflect (ease into the day), and then smashing a workout (wake up!). This will allow me to cultivate simplicity, as routine provides a platform to fall back on when the rest of life goes haywire.

– Savor evenings. In reference to life going haywire, relaxation is another key to success. So this month, I'll be focusing on curating slow and methodical evenings. Card games. Home-cooked meals (make every recipe in Run Fast, Eat Slow!). Netflix binges (Longmire returns!). Turning my phone off and instead sending out love bombs every day and handwritten letters once a week. Doing so will cultivate warmth in my life, which seems all too perfect given that we're entering the season of crisp air, sweaters, and scarves.

I'd love to know, what are your values, and how do you cultivate them? Check out this list and share your top 3–5 in the comments below! xx