Recipe: Kale Peanut Salad

Guys. Kale is not my favorite thing. But aside from telling me my headache means I have brain cancer, Web MD claims that kale is, "a super food with staying power." Sounds promising, eh? Doesn't make it taste good, though. Enter: peanuts. Somehow, the combination of kale and peanuts is just... magical. Especially when served next to a sirloin steak grilled to perfection by your honey.

6–8 stems of curly green kale
1/2 yellow bell pepper
Handful of baby carrots (or one large carrot)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
2 TBSP peanuts
1 TBSP coconut sugar
Dash of salt
Bonus: additional TBSP chopped peanuts for topping

Mini food processor or Nutri-bullet*
Salad spinner
Cutting board
Salad bowl

1. Remove and discard center ribs from kale, and chop or rip into bite-sized pieces; rinse, wash, and spin
2. Slice bell pepper into thin one-inch long strips
3. Chop carrots in thin (1/8 inch) circles
4. Blend vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar, peanuts, coconut sugar, and salt until smooth
5. Toss veggies and dressing together; top with additional chopped peanuts if desired

*If you don't have anything small enough to blend such a small amount of ingredients, feel free to use a larger blender and double or triple the recipe as necessary and refrigerate the remainder for later use.