August Intentions

Time flies. Two months ago, J and I signed ourselves up for the brutal Elk-Kings 25K trail race. Race day is ten weeks from this coming Saturday. Yes, I'm freaking out. Yes, I wish I would've consistently trained hard from day one. No, wishing won't enable me to travel back in time. So I'm choosing to take a more proactive approach: set goals, crush goals. I'm not necessarily a big fan of resolutions – mostly because everyone makes the same ones and I hate how crowded the gym is for the first six weeks of the year. We all have big dreams, but it's easy to lose sight of those in the day-to-day hustle (exhibit a: lack of structured training thus far on our path to 25K). What I do believe in, though, is continually setting, striving towards, achieving, and revisiting tangible and manageable goals. I believe in breaking big goals down to baby steps, such as my goal of acing every pre-requisite class, one assignment at a time, until I ace them all and get accepted into PC's nursing program. And in the spirit of the success of that approach thus far, I'm making my short-term, tangible, manageable goals public. Worldwide web, meet my August Intentions.

 – Workout before 9 a.m.
As someone who's used to sitting in a lecture hall full of students by 8 a.m. most months of the year, I have a hard time getting into a routine during the summer. One could probably also thank my former office job complete with an onslaught of meetings for my aversion to following a set schedule. And while flexibility is a value that I share with the majority of millennials, research tells us that routine – particularly in the morning – adds value to productivity. I typically wake up between 6–7 a.m., but spend the next hour or so either laying in bed thinking about getting up, laying on the couch thinking about getting up, or moseying on over to my desk to sort through emails and catch up on news. Either way, it's not productive or eye opening (pun intended). So this month, I'm committing to working out before 9 a.m. My current workout program consists of two 20-minute sessions each day – one morning, one afternoon/evening – so that means that all I have to do is get in 20 minutes of sweat time before 9 a.m. Easy, right? We'll see.

– Eat greens with every meal
I love salads, and it's rare that my dinner doesn't include one, but I struggle to add greens throughout my mornings and afternoons, squarely landing me amongst the 73% of Americans who don't consume enough fruits or veggies. As someone who likes to think they eat healthily, this is a hard realization to face. Additionally, like most, I'm also a creature of habit. I like my salads with bell pepper, snap peas, and green onion, my broccoli sautéed in coconut oil, and my asparagus grilled to perfection by J. But my naturopath told me I need to mix things up a bit, so each week I'll be experimenting with a new veggie, in the hopes that one will appeal to my tastebuds, and help me to become one of the 27% of Americans who DO consume enough veggies. So this August, I commit to broadening my reach, and to eating greens with every meal. No, that singular leaf of romaine on my turkey sandwich won't count.

– Inspire and be inspired
Okay so this one is less tangible than the others, but that doesn't mean it's less important. Beginning next week, I'll be participating in the lovely Amanda's Amp Up Your August Challenge. I've completed one of her challenges before, and it was phenomenal! 21 days of accountability, healthy recipes, workout tips, and overall a smashing good time! I'm thrilled to connect with more like-minded women and swap ideas on how we can continue to integrate healthy habits in our everyday lives. I'm hoping they can also help me to get my ass out of bed and into a pile of sweat (and greens!) before 9 a.m., too. AND THEN. Beginning August 15 I'll be running MY VERY OWN five-day refresh challenge. Similar to Amanda's 21-day challenge, this five-day refresh includes a power foods shopping list, healthy recipes, workout tips, accountability check-ins, and a healthy, encouraging, and inspirational space shared with like-minded women. Best of all? IT'S FREE. If this sounds like something you'd be into, click here and take a minute to share your goals with me. I'd love to have your energy with us.

& that's a wrap! Dad always said three's a good number, so I'm going to leave it at that. Workout before 9 a.m., eat greens with every meal, inspire and be inspired, #everydamnday. How about you? Are you a goal setter? Do you have any intentions or plans for August? Summer's almost over – take time to think about how you're going to "jump" into fall on the right foot! xx